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How to Apply

Applications to the Foundation Year must be made by completing the form linked below by no later than 12.30pm on the 9th February 2022.

You will need:

1.   Two references, who should ideally be academic (i.e. teachers), and not related to you or a family friend. You must email your referees a link to this form here, well in advance of the deadline. References must be received 12.30pm on the 9th February 2022 and it is your responsibility to make sure that they are submitted on time. We do not send your referee any forms on your behalf: you must do so yourself. If you are a mature student with no academic reference then you may use a work reference.

2. To check your eligibility for the programme

2. To complete the application form by no later than 12.30pm on the 9th February. As part of this you will have to prepare a Foundation Year statement - this is separate to your UCAS Personal Statement, and all information on what we expect (including word count) can be found below. You will also find this information on the application form.

Completing the application form may require some information from your parent(s) as we ask about their employment status, household income and education levels. Because of this, you are advised to start your application well before the deadline! You can start an application, save it and return to it later - as long as you submit before 12.30pm on the 9th February.

Before you apply we recommend that you read all of the information on this page

Step One:

Check eligibility and subject

Make sure that you are eligible for the Foundation Year and that we offer the subject you want to study. We only accept applications from students who want to study the same subject at undergraduate

Step two:

Find two referees

Find two suitable referees - they should ideally be academic (e.g. teachers) but can be a work referenc. You must email your referees the link marked below, well in advance of the deadline

Step Three:

Prepare your application

Prepare your Foundation Year statement; check you have answers to the financial questions and get ready to submit. You may need to ask your parent(s) for some information

Step Four:


Submit your application in advance of the deadline to make sure there are no internet issues. You should also make sure that both of your references have submitted their reference forms


Your references are a very important part of your application, so please make sure that you ask two suitable people will in advance of the deadline. We will not chase your referees, and so if they are not submitted in time your application will be lacking. It is your responsibility to send your referees this link to the reference form: 

Foundation Year Statement

The Foundation Year statement should be no longer than 1000 words. It is your opportunity to tell us

1. What interests and motivates you about your subject;

2. What you hope to achieve by participating in the Foundation Year?

3. Why you think you are a suitable candidate

4. What you think you will find hard at University

5. If there is anything in particular that you feel has affected your education

We expect your Foundation Year statement to be different to your UCAS statement, although we know that there may be some similarities (e.g. in your motivation to study your subject).

If you are applying for a different subject to the one you applied for through UCAS, please explain why you are applying for something different on the Foundation Year.