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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

BBB at A Level and at least a 6/B at GCSE

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us. On the LMH Foundation Year course you will study each subject as a distinct module, with an additional module in Maths.

Foundation Year PPE students study two subject-modules per term (e.g. Economics and Philosophy) and an additional maths module. You'll be expected to write at least one essay a week (sometimes two) and to complete problem sheets for Economics.

Sample PPE Timetable


Philosophy; Communication Skills


Maths, Academic Writing



Academic Development



Entrance Requirements:

Candidates for the Foundation Year PPE course should achieve at least BBB in their A-Levels (there are no specific subject requirements) and GCSE Maths to grade B/6. Note that we cannot accept grade 5 at GCSE Maths.


PPE applicants will also be required to take a short test as part of the shortlisting process. This is not something that we expect students to prepare for at all.